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A Special Offer from the Christian Observer

Pastor Richard Bacon of the First Presbyterian Church Rowlett has compiled a hyper-linked version of the Westminster standards in the form of a Windows95 Help File. This is a wonderful way in which to study the standards in a harmonized way. There is no charge for this valuable software, and we encourage you to download Westwind now. It is a zipped file which needs to be de-compressed. Please note that this is the original 1645 version, and not the BPC version contained on our website.

After you have completed the download, we invite you to fill out the form below and submit it for a free six-month subscription to the Christian Observer, as well as an information packet from Presbyterian Missionary Union about the Bible Presbyterian Church. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Please be very careful to enter this information correctly. If it is incorrect we will not be able to send you material.

Yes, I have downloaded my copy of Westwind! Please send me the Christian Observer at no charge for six months, as well as information about the Bible Presbyterian Church.

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